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In most countries, there are special agencies whose primary purpose is to support science and its development along with governments, regional agencies and businesses that support the science. The authority of these special agencies are exceptionally high. Support structure for science should:

- make aims of the development of science in a broad discussion;

- determine the relationship between the development of science and the ideals of society;

- allocate resources and attention of the scientific community in the direction of social problems;

- maintain a high prestige of science in society.

Two lines of support for science has developed in countries where a variety of forms of management of science was formed many years ago. They are

1. consultative and advisory councils and advisory institute under the Government;

2. government, public, private and other funds.

Currently, the activities of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and National Science Foundation are well known.

There is a large amount of funds involved in an initiative to support research in many countries. The activities of these funds are recognized as an important and effective, which in some cases, major governmental funds are addressed in various fields of scientific research through them. Funds raised public interest in the problem, as their work is never limited to just financial infusions. The Funds provide legal and technical support, act as guarantors for loans, organize fund-raising campaign and launch, complex social mechanism which is not available to any public institution in isolation. The effectiveness of the support structures is provided by their ability to use huge intellectual potential, which the scientific community has. Only the creation of a variety of support structures for science will preserve the unity and integrity of science, what becomes a vital issue in these conditions.

The Conference Center was created to form the scientific information environment of the Development Fund for Science and Culture.

The main task of the Conference Centre is dissemination of information about scientific research that are conducted by scientists and leading experts, the formation of scientific schools and directions, information support priority research, popularization of advanced scientific ideas in Russia, CIS and far abroad.

The Conference Centre is founded by the Development Fund for Science and Culture.


27-29 октября 2011 года, Египет. III Международная научно-практическая конференция «Роль науки в развитии общества»

Фонд развития науки и культуры приглашает Вас принять участие в III Международной научно-практи- ческой конференции «Роль науки в развитии общества», которая состоится 27-29 октября 2011 года, на всемирно известном и самом живописном курорте Египта, Хургада.

Цель конференции:

Обсуждение и публикация научных достижений ведущих ученых, аспирантов, магистрантов и студентов, определение возможностей решения актуальных проблем развития общества, а также установление творческих связей ученых разных стран, повышение эффективности использования научного потенциала вузов, научных организаций и предприятий в решении приоритетных научно-методических задач развития Российской и зарубежной науки.




October 27-29, 2011, Egypt. III International Scientific Conference «The role of science in the development of society»

The Development Fund for Science and Cultures invites You to take part in the III International Scientific Conference « The role of science in the development of society», which will be held October 27-29, 2011 at the world famous and most picturesque resort of Egypt, Hurghada.


Purpose to conferences:

Discussion and publication of scientific achievements by leading scientists, graduate students, masters and students, identifying opportunities for solving urgent problems of social development, and establishing creative links scientists from different countries, more efficient use of the universities scientific potential, research institutions and enterprises in addressing the priorities of Russian and foreign scientific and methodological problems.

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